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So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.

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Voyage of Discovery
by: zanzibar

Here I am in the computer lab and the whole thing is swaying back and forth madly in a disconcerting fashion. Ever since we left Vancouver we have been sailing on extremely rough waters and people have been wandering the halls like a bunch of drunken fools on a bad Star Trek episode. Or more often they have been sleeping in their cabins or taking up residence in their bathrooms, because for a group of landlubbers we were not prepared for the kind of rough seas that have put even experienced voyagers down for the count.

Vancouver was lovely and it rained buckets the entire time I was there. I decided to find the launch the night before so that I would be prepared for the next day; and since it was supposed to be only two blocks from the hotel, I ventured out into the rain. A wrong turn and 45 minutes later… there I was, Canada Place, eh.

Unfortunately, the inclement weather has barred us from going outside, when fresh air is the thing that most of us require. The smokers are dying because they are prohibited by pain of death from smoking indoors. The administrators commented wryly that it would be a good time for these students to consider quitting smoking. Nobody has any sympathy for smokers in this day and age. My roommate’s name is Sarah and together we represent two of the three most common names on the ship, the last being Meghan. So our new friend Paul from Madison, WI, who started his “voyage of discovery” by discovering that he only to open his mouth to reveal that he was from Wisconsin, (though by his own opinion his speech is free of accents) became known as Meghan. Yesterday I had a whole stack of cheese cubes that I was preparing to eat for lunch when the boat pitched and send cheese cubes flying all over the floor and myself. Sarah and I sat down just in time for the pitcher of water in the middle of the table to go flying over the side. Luckily Sarah caught it with her Crouching Tiger/Hidden Dragon-like reflexes. In another unfortunate turn of events, those people who were sickened by the ship’s movement, most often in fore, put “foreign objects” (paper bags) down the toilets and the entire fore of the ship lost plumbing. We in aft, whose cabins are mostly only moving in two dimensions as opposed to three, are both less sick and retain working plumbing. Ah! Adventure at sea! I have been rather sickness free, compared to everyone else, so I spend most of my day walking about like a confused astronaut, walking on a planet where gravity reverses direction every three or four seconds. Hopefully it is strengthening my legs because my attempt at working out on the elliptical machine was more of an exercise in futility and the weight room guard even stopped by a couple of times to peer in and chuckle at me. It’s impossible to read anything, so the start of classes has been a little slow and half-hearted. People are huddling down for a long ten days to Korea. I am in good spirits, especially owing to my box of Nutty Bars I stowed on ship.

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